Participants or jobseekers are referred to MEP by the Department of Human Services (DHS; also known as Centrelink).  Centrelink determines the participation requirements, based on a DHS assessment.  As the CDP provider, MEP monitors the fulfilment of DHS participation requirement hours.
Participants are required to attend Appointments with one of MEP’s Employment Consultants, where staff work towards developing a Job Plan to identify needs, supports and any requirements from Centrelink.  Staff can also assist with driver’s licenses, identification documents and applying for work.  Ongoing appointments keep enable MEP to adapt our support to our participants’ needs.
Some participants are required to attend Activities, which are developed in collaboration with local communities and often supervised by one of MEP’s Activity Leaders.  MEP strives to ensure our Activities build workskills, assist the community, provide social networks and where possible lead into real employment.  MEP also recognises the importance of fun in any Activity

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