MEP was established in mid-2013 as a joint venture between Gumatj Aboriginal Corporation and Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation to provide the then-named Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP), across the Northeast Arnhem Land Region.  The program has undergone significant changes since 1 July 2015 and is now named the Community Development Program (CDP).  We have a strong Board of Yolngu and Balanda Leaders from across the region.

It’s really important there are aboriginal leaders involved. All these guys here are leaders in their own right. Other leaders and other communities look to this group every day, and I know that they are doing good.
— Vern, MEP Activity Leader

who We Are

Miwatj Employment and Participation is a local Yolngu Indigenous Organisation with a clear Vision:  Setting our eyes on a strong future for all East Arnhem Land people.  We are committed to assisting all of East Arnhem Land people to strive for economic independence for themselves and their families.

MEP’s head office is based in Yirrkala and we also have offices in Gapuwiyak, Gunyangara and Nhulunbuy.  We provide CDP services to Yirrkala, Gapuwiyak, Gunyangara, Birritjimi, Nhulunbuy and Homelands of the Laynhapuy Region.

our vision

Setting our eyes on a strong future for all East Arnhem Land People


Delivering high quality services under the Community Development Program

Supporting Dilak leaders and operating under their endorsement and guidance

Helping all people of East Arnhem Land to engage in employment and community activities

Fostering economic independence to support engagement in employment and community activities.



Respecting the maintenance of culture and cultural obligations


Promoting sustainability through meaningful training and employment


Vesting decision-making powers in the hands of the appropriate people


Mentoring and developing young people to realise their potential

economic independence

Supporting both new and existing initiatives for economic independence

MEP are good people. They help us get new skills. We get to participate in driving courses and courses for our white cards. It’s good to have money and get a proper job to pay for rent and food. Other people should come and join us to help their community.
— Sebastian, MEP Participant