This year's Garma experience saw MEP recognised as a strong part of the Arnhem Land family and a critical player in the development of the region for the betterment of Yolngu people.

Among the Garma Yolngu Heros recognised for 2016 were MEP Chairman Barayuwa Mununggurr, MEP Director Yananymul Mununggurr, and MEP Regional Coordinator Gutjapin Gumana.  The award ceremony can be seen here.

As a part of Garma's Key Forums during the festival, CEO Jeremy Kee and Regional Coordinator Gutjapin Gumana together spoke for the Forum on Economic Development in Arnhem Land.  Their presentation can be seen here:

Throughout the festival, MEP's participant-driven interactive stall demonstrated its commitment to grassroots income-generation.  In particular we showcased the creative ways that the Australian Government's Community Development Program can be used to foster income-generating Work for the Dole Activities where income goes through a decision-making process controlled by the program's participants themselves.

Garma 2016 was a fantastic opportunity for MEP to highlight the great things that are happening right now in the region; and to share it with like-minded organisations and