This year MEP held our inaugural MEP Conference from 8-9 June.  The objectives were to;

  • Showcase and celebrate
  • Learn and grow together
  • Build and support

The conference was opened by our Chairman, Barayuwa Munungurr, providing us with inspiration and direction for the conference over the next few days.  All MEP staff were well represented, travelling from every region to attend, we also enjoyed the company of our funding body, the Department of Prime Minister in Cabinet, our stakeholder Jawun and our partners, Matrix IT and Fiona Pettiford of Darwin Skills.

One of the main highlights was when every region showcased their team and the work they deliver in their regions.  It was great to see the innovation, the successes and lessons learned.  We had breakout sessions to explore areas of our contract and the CDP program and enjoyed presentations from our partners to continue to build capacity.

We participated in ‘team building’ exercises and everyone enjoyed the rhythmic fun of ‘drum beat’, delivered by Simone Pettiford, our Community Development Officer for Homelands.

We finished the two day conference off with an awards ceremony to acknowledge the fantastic work of our staff, highlighting those that had made improvements within themselves and in the workplace as well as those that had made a huge impact in their regions.

MEP was really excited with how successful the MEP conference was and the things we learnt in the process.  We appreciate our staff, partners and stakeholders and know that our communities will benefit from the ongoing development of our staff.

We look forward to the next conference in December!